Cinema, the right line for me: Nicole Faria – Frederique Constant Ambassador

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Nicole is proud ambassador of Frédérique Constant and wears her Chocolate Double Heart Beat daily.

The 21-year-old is passing on all her crowns now and she isn’t exactly sad about it, but admits to have gotten ‘a little emotional’. “I had tears in my eyes before stepping on to the stage to crown the new Miss Earth Olga Alava. I wasn’t sad or anything, I will always be the first Indian to win the crown. I just got a little overwhelmed seeing footage of me getting crowned last year. It just sunk in that it’s been over a year already. But the last twelve months have

been simply incredible,” confesses Nicole. “I saw so much!” she remarks.

“I am proud to have been chosen as the Ambassador of fine Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant of Geneva. I was traveling 90 per cent of the time. I went to Switzerland, New York, Australia, Dubai, South Africa and London, experienced so many different cultures, met interesting people that I would have never had met otherwise. It was just incredible. Sometimes I’d complain to my mom that my back hurts from the constant traveling. But she’d tell me that I had no idea how lucky I was, which is true, my life has really changed,” she admits.

In hindsight, it’s incredible how much life can change overnight, quite literally at that! “I think it took a lot more than a night. Years of hard work and preparation went into it and so many people contributed to my success, most of all my parents. My mother is an etiquette trainer and my dad is a motivational speaker, together they have played a big role in my success,” she retorts.

Nicole Faria - Frédérique Constant Ambassador Nicole Faria – Frédérique Constant Ambassador

Nicole is now deciding between a career in acting and modeling. She thinks she’s cut out for acting. “I have always been a drama queen since the time I was a kid, so cinema is definitely the right line for me. I am also considering going international with modeling. I have been getting offers from Bollywood and down South as well. Now that I have the time I want to give acting a shot. Keeping my fingers crossed,” she shares.

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