Frederique Constant hosts glamorous dinner in New York City, celebrating the Passion Awards for Charity 2010

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Geneva, June 24, 2010. Many elements inspire success. Goal, energy and ambition play their part. But the fundamental element in building a successful charity is Passion. Passion for your mission, Passion to do good, Passion to give back.

Twenty years ago, Peter & Aletta Stas started a company that was unlikely to succeed. They founded a new fine Swiss watch brand. The market for hand-made, high-value mechanical watches was dying. They were very young. And not even Swiss, but Dutch. Two decades later, Frédérique Constant is one of the main success stories within the Swiss watch industry. The company grows 25-35% annually. In 2010, with a team of just 100 people, Frederique Constant expects to produce and sell over 100,000 watches in 90 countries.

The overriding factor for this success has been Passion. Passion that made Peter & Aletta evolve from lovers of fine watches into global producers. This is why the company slogan has always been ‘Live your Passion’. And why for the third time, Peter & Aletta are proud to announce the Frederique Constant Passion Awards. Through these awards, they personally aim to reward charitable organizations that are driven by Passion, and celebrate and support their entrepreneurial success. The Passion Awards have evolved in to an institution through which Frederique Constant gives back to society, and namely to people that are less fortunate.

Winners of the previous editions of the Frédérique Constant Passion Awards are Dr. William Novick of the International Children’s Heart Foundation and Mrs. Laura Cotton of the Paint a Smile Foundation.

After two memorable editions in Geneva, this year the city of cities was chosen for this very special event: New York. The prize in 2010 will include a generous donation of USD 50’000,- towards the winning charity, as well as Frédérique Constant timepieces.

The check handover will be part of the exclusive, celebratory Passion Awards for Charity dinner, hosted by Peter & Aletta Stas, and taking place in New York City on June 29th at Cipriani Wall Street. There, celebrities and other Friends of the winning charity and of the brand, will witness a presentation as well as enjoy a culinary supper.

Live your Passion

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  1. Hi mm,
    I am Kevin, a long time fan of Frederique Constant. Although I have not owned one by now, I like the top quality and the painstaking design integrated into the pieces.

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  2. Who is the model in the image/ad above?

  3. Dear Reese,
    Model above is the american actress Candice Accola.

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