Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase…A Quick Review

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A lot has been said about this beautiful piece in the press already. So I wont bore you with the basics. Officially its model


I think this is the best value for dollar in a dress watch anywhere. The huge bonus is that the watch contains FC’s in house movement for the price being charged by others for an ETA or Soprod.


I have looked everywhere for a blue dial and none had the mystique the FC Moonphase has for me.
Most often the watch and even the strap appear as midnight navy blue, a color that appears to be miles deep. The highlighted lighter blue portion of the sky in the moonphase and the circular framed lip of the subdial are the kind of details you find yourself staring at.

I was a bit concerned that the thickness of the hands and indices might be too thin and disappear in certain lighting…making it difficult to read. Boy was I wrong.
They are highly polished nickel, a color that is subtly different from chrome…more luxurious and contrast brilliantly against the dial.


My wrist is 7 1/4 wide. Now I loved my Stowa 1938 Chrono and thought that marriage would last forever till this little philly turned my head.
Yes I know, apples and oranges…But again, for me, the Stowa was my dress up watch. IMHO it is one of the most gorgeous watches that level of money can buy. But I was never entirely comfortable with the height and its feel on my wrist. I was always thinking I would knock it into something and hard! I never feel that way with the FC from the moment I put it on.

The decoration on the FC 705 movement is just incredible with extreme detailing befitting a much more expensive timepiece.


I would like to address the 42mm to big to be a dress watch issue.
Obviously personal comfort and perception should rule…to each their own of course no time did I feel the size was shouting for attention. In fact the restraint classic style whispers elegance and pulls you in for a closer inspection.


The FC Moonphase lug to lug at 47mm is just such a perfect fit. It never feels like the 13-15mm tall 42mm watches. In this day and age of 44 or 46mm monster timepieces, I think that going with a 42mm watch like this was something of a brave move. Yes a 40mm or 38mm would have thrilled some of the old school diehards…but hey, its 2014 and things change. Some sections of the market are trying to appeal to younger buyers and I think FC has hit a home run here.


One more thing…the strap is flipping gorgeous and the stitching pulls some of that contrast off the dial. I wasn’t quite sold on the idea but its execution just works.

Climbing down from my high horse.

If this watch pushes your buttons, buy it now because I would be willing to bet good money that they will become hard to find very soon.

On with the show.



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