Hearts of Children Frederique Constant World Heart Federation Partnership – South Africa

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa called on the nation to “Dress Red” to raise awareness of CVD in women and children. 16’400 people participated in the activities. Participants had a chance to win the Frédérique Constant World Heart Federation Heart Beat watch, attracting further attention to the campaign. The funds raised through this initiative supported the actions of the Heart Foundation, including the screening of tens of thousands of people in disadvantaged communities, educational activities such as health talks in schools and the distribution of information brochures to the South African public.


“Thank you so much to you and the Frederique Constant team for the beautiful watch, we are very excited to be able to offer such an amazing prize.” Ashleigh Kuttner, Programme Director, Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills 17.3 million people each year. Contrary to common belief, it is not just a man’s disease as half of all deaths occur in women, and children are vulnerable too. To protect the heart of women and children and help avoid these millions of needless premature deaths, the World Heart Federation partnered with Frédérique Constant to launch the Hearts of Children initiative.

Thanks to the 100 watches generously donated by Frédérique Constant, World Heart Federation members received support to strengthen their action against cardiovascular disease in women and children. All around the world, they are organizing events, campaigns and fundraisers to raise awareness of the adverse ways in which cardiovascular disease affects the health of women and children.

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