“LIVE YOUR PASSION – BUILDING A WATCH MANUFACTURE” DINNER Celebration of 25th Anniversary of the Swiss Independent Watch Brand Frederique Constant . Alpina . Ateliers deMonaco

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2. On-stage Forum

Beijing, 23 September 2013 – Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Frederique Constant, Drs. Peter Stas, the co-founder of Frederique Constant and Mr. Gisbert Brunner, the writer of <LIVE YOUR PASSION – BUILDING A WATCH MANUFACTURE>, was on the tour to Beijing for sharing the milestone of Frederique Constant, Alpina and Ateliers deMonaco. The Brand Ambassador, Ms. ShuQi, attended the event to show her support. Over 80 watch enthusiastic and entrepreneur were cordially invited to the event. The in-depth talk enabled the guests delving deeper into the luxury watch industry and stories behind these extraordinary pieces.

3. Live Your Passion - Building A Watch Manufacture

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2. On-stage Forum2 8. Drs Peter Stas Dinner Time II

Throughout the interactive session, guests have experienced the high quality, differentiation and precision in design and manufacture of the showpieces. Showpieces highlighting watches including Slimline Manufacture Tourbillon of Frederique Constant, Alpina 130 Pilot which celebrates Alpina 130th anniversary, also the complicated Grand Toubillon Minute Repeater and Quantieme Perpetual EZ Adjust of Ateliers deMonaco. Undoubtedly, the passionate stories of the young watchmaker from Geneva impressed the guests.

Frederique Constant - Manufacture Collection

11. Alpina 130 Pilot Heritage

10. Ateliers deMonaco

Ms. ShuQi congratulated Frederique Constant with a special gift – Champagne Thienot, which is the independent brand like Frederique Constant, was selected to be the official exclusive Champagne featuring at the Oscars in 2013. This echoed the passion and significant achievements Frederique Constant has been made in the past 25 years. Ms. ShuQi was joyful to witness the success has been made and eagerly anticipated that more distinct timepieces to come in the future.

1. Frederique Constant Ambassador ShuQi

4. Ms ShuQi-Drs Peter Stas & Mr. Brunner

5. ShuQi with Display Pillar

Mr. Brunner is a well-known watch expert & contributes articles to watch magazines regularly. He shared the key insight with guests and media friends as a watch collector. He was particularly impressed by the Manufacture collection of Frederique Constant, the vision of acquiring Alpina and also the eagerness of creating Ateliers deMonaco for highly complicated timepieces to show the craftsmanship.
9. Mr Gisbert Brunner

6. Drs.Peter Stas & guest  艺术家计洲

12. 达泰资本合伙人秦志勇

16. 左至右—— Erica Chu、李林( 伯爵城副总经理)、Rebecca(宣和文化传播合伙人)、卢志华(BOMA China常务副主席)、冯鉴阁(We Two画廊老板)

17. 艺术家陈亮洁

Dinner Time

13. 孙竹—— 央视新闻中心新闻视觉艺术编辑部副主任

15. 三九养生堂创始人徐立峰

7. 专业腕表媒体“午夜表情”创始人顾江














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