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In past, I have written about Frederique Constant as a Smart Buy View. A beautiful classical watch you buy for yourself, you feel happy about. Not to show-off. If you want to show something, you brag to your friends that you have made a good choice, a smart choice. It is in line with today’s trend that conspicuous consumerism is out, no more Hummers, no more bling-bling.
Since its beginning, Frederique Constant has had a strategy to manufacture classical watches at Accessible prices. We targeted primary younger business people who have a 1000-5000$ budget. Younger people are still on their career ladder and do not earn huge salaries. Why should they not be able to buy a beautiful Geneve fine watch? This is why we offer our Frederique Constant time pieces, to let more people enjoy luxury.
In today’s smart consumerism, we do not only target younger business people anymore, Frederique Constant watches are for all people who love classical fine watches with a genuine value.
Please see our Manufacture FC-705 with in-house hand-assembled movement. Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price 3500 US$.

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