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Pressconference Frederique Constant at The Prime in Kolkata with Mr. Chopra, our ambassadrice Nicole Faria and our COO Aletta Stas

Sensible Prices

During the discussions in the advisory board, we often spoke about what makes FC different and what we see as the purpose of the company. From the beginning, we saw that ‘sensible prices’ were our competitive edge. The attractive prices were essential to reach a younger target group of 30-45 year olds who have limited budgets. Most are business men and women at the beginning of their career, in first management functions, but still at low salaries. At the same time, these people are starting families, which requires funds as well. Still, there is an enthusiasm for Swiss mechanical watches. It is for these persons that Frederique Constant offers beautiful time pieces. We determined that our company produced Accessible Luxury, beautiful Swiss watches from Geneva at sensible prices. We defined our purpose as ‘Let more people enjoy luxury’.

However, beautiful watches at sensible prices was not enough. We also had to work on the ‘luxury’ part of our purpose ‘Let more people enjoy luxury’. Hence, we started to discuss how to create an image around Frederique Constant. First step was the sponsoring of classic car rallies, the Healey partnership that developed into the Vintage Rally Universe. Then, followed the Runabout, the classic gentlemen’s sports boat. Finally, with the various charity activities, we developed a campaign and purpose for our ladies Double Heart Beat Collection. 

Frederique Constant ambassador Nicole Faria in Jaipur Event



As a new member of the business association AG City in Berlin, jeweler Zeit & Zeitlos hosted their first event at the Abba Hotel in Berlin to present themselves to the members. Area and Key Account Manager Nina Zerrath attended the event and supported the new partner of Frederique Constant Mr and Ms Tozman from Zeit & Zeitlos with the presentation of the Frederique Constant watches. Around 80 guests enjoyed a great evening with interesting conversations and speeches and Nina was pleased with the great interest in the Frederique Constant brand and the products.  Read more…

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Frederique Constant around the world – Latvia


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