Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase…A Quick Review


A lot has been said about this beautiful piece in the press already. So I wont bore you with the basics. Officially its model Read more…

The World Just Became a Brighter Place: The Classics Manufacture Worldtimer

For the past 12 months, the Classics Manufacture Worldtimer from Frederique Constant has proven to be an unrivalled success. Each of the two models launched in 2012 has lived up to the expectations of appreciative watch aficianados right across the globe. The world of watchmaking has indeed been a brighter place since these two unique and visually spectacular timepieces entered the horological stage. Read more…

The All-New Frederique Constant Classics Index Range

There’s an old saying that goes, “The devil is in the detail.”  This makes detail sound like something decidedly unpleasant, but in the case of the new Classics Index Collection from Frédérique Constant, the extraordinary design features, unbelievably attractive pricing and technological marvels built into each model mean that, when it comes to these watches, “the detail is utterly delightful.” Read more…

The Frederique Constant Lady Chronograph Quartz Collection

Frédérique Constant presents its all-new Classics Chronograph Quartz Collection. Each model in the new range is a delightful blend of clean, classic lines that call to mind the wonderful watches of the 1940s and 50s, coupled with a fresh and stylish new face that instantly attracts the eye and enchants the senses. Read more…

Frederique Constant and The Riva Historical Society Join Together to Salute the Majestic Runabouts



Back in the Roaring Twenties, when the whole world seemed to be taking part in a decade-long party, the beautiful bodies that turned heads on the planet’s finest beaches didn’t belong to movie stars. They were the gleaming, hand polished, wooden-hulled and chrome-bedecked boats known as Runabouts. The throaty roar of powerful engines driving these sleek crafts over pristine, crystal clear water lifted the spirits and inspired the passions of the countless thousands who were privileged enough to witness the Runabouts in their heyday. Read more…

The Frederique Constant Healy: It’s Not Just for Race Car Drivers, You Know


If you’re looking for a watch that’s as cool as the raging white water rapids in an unspoiled Alpine river, with looks that are as sporty as the classic vintage rally car it’s named after; if you’re all about pushing yourself and your equipment to the limits of endurance…and then going beyond those limits; if you’re passionate about life and you want a watch that’s super stylish, handsome, rugged and reliable in equal measures, then look no further.  The Frederique Constant Healy, a member of the hugely popular Vintage Rally Collection, ticks every single box.

Read more…

Classics Manufacture – Worldtimer Collection

Frederique Constant is a company that loves to put a fresh twist into classic ideas and classic designs. With that in mind, we are delighted to present the exciting new Worldtimer Manufacture collection.

In days gone by, it was the “man about town” who had the respect and admiration of his peers. These fine gentlemen wore pinstripe suits, with colourful ties, shiny shoes and invariably a classy wristwatch. Nowadays, the man about town has become a man of the world, and while the clothes may have changed, the presence of a handsome, classic, elegant watch is still very much part of the gentleman’s ensemble.

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“We had to face much faster cars but we managed to survive, not without a strong effor”t. Enrique Nava, Driver Car 296, Winner 2nd. Place
“I think is the best road event in the world. I have raced seven times The Panamericana.” Alfredo García de Jalón, Driver Car 205, 6th place
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